Candidate Fees for Foreign Trained Applicants

The FTLS Candidate Registration Fee includes the following services:

  • Processing of the application by the CBEPS staff
  • Opening a file
  • Review of candidate documents by the CBEPS Registrar to be sure that the file is complete
  • Access to the guidance of an Advisor all through the process
  • Review of documentation by a trained Assessor
  • Report by the Assessor to the Interview Panel
  • Review of the documentation and Assessor report by members of the Interview Panel
  • Actual candidate interview including logistical costs and interview panel time
  • Development of a Learning Plan
  • Report of the interview panel to the FTLS Evaluation Committee
  • Review of reports and candidate documents by members of the FTLS Evaluation Committee
  • Communication of decision of the FTLS Evaluation Committee and Learning Plan to the candidate
  • Follow up on candidates progress by the CBEPS Registrar
  • If successful, issuance of a CBEPS Certificate of Completion

The registration fee does not cover:

  • Translation cost
  • Fees charged by Credentials Evaluation Services
  • CBEPS examination fees
  • Any courses that the candidate will be required to take
  • Taxes

The practice of Land Surveying in Canada is generally defined as:

  • the determination, establishment or recording by any means of the positions of points, natural features or features made by persons on, over or under the surface of the earth
  • the determination of the form of the earth
  • to determine, locate, define, describe, establish or re-establish boundaries
  • it includes the preparation of maps, plans, systems and documents and the giving of advice with respect to any of the matters above.